Snow is a four letter word

It’s April 5th and the ground is covered with fresh fallen snow. If you live in Nebraska or Indiana, this might be news. But, we live in Alaska and here- this is typical. Seeing snow fall on an April morning and knowing people in the lower 48 are donning shorts makes this Alaskan a tad bitter. And apparently, it’s rubbing off on my children.

This morning, my eight year old, Hailey, asked me in astonishment upon seeing the snow falling on her way to school, “Mom! Isn’t it Spring?” Yes, yes it is. It’s kind of like that saying, “it’s five o’clock somewhere.” It’s spring somewhere.

Although Hailey’s questioning in disbelief of Mother Nature made me smile, the son of a friend of mine said something that really made me crack up. Andrew, who is three, said he thinks Jesus made it snow because he had some leftover and needed to put it somewhere. That’s Alaska- cold storage.


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