Doctor, Doctor

Do you ever feel like you may have paid for a good portion of your doctor’s new house?

We see the doctor too much. With three kids, it’s hard to stay away! If it’s not one thing, it’s another. You take the regular check ups and add in a few emergency visits and before you know it, you’ve been to the doctor a dozen times in a year. We may be going for a record and it’s only April!

A couple of months ago, my daughter had a sore throat. So, my five-year old was convinced he had one too. And, not to be left out, my one year old came down with a cough. All at once. I decided it would be easier to take care of matters in the same visit. Two birds, one stone- except I wasn’t going to shoot the children. The eight year old had strep. The five-year old had sympathy pains and the one year old had the sniffles.

Then, just days later, my kids are sledding on the playground of my daughter’s school and my son slams into a tree. Head first. That trip to the doctor and the dermabond they put on him left him with a nice scar that will have him winning Harry Potter look-alike contests for the next few years.

Fast forward a couple of weeks- I’m out of town and all three kids get sick. Really sick. Both ends sick. Moms, you know what I mean. The oldest came down with a fever too. Of course, I wasn’t home to enjoy the multiple loads of laundry, repeat baths and the scouring of the floors that inevitably took place. My husband dealt with it. And managed to not have to make a trip to the doctor.

Then, my daughter had to get a filling. No worries there, except the swelling in her chipmunk cheek wouldn’t go down. After a few days of this, we took her in to the doctor. She had an infection from biting her cheek while it was numb. The infection had spread down into her neck and jaw. She just finished a round of antibiotics on that one.

And, I finally took my five-year old son in  after months of complaints his stomach and throat hurt. (I’m not a bad mom, I swear. Read my previous post about my daughter the hypochondriac.) The doctor thinks it may be reflux. Another copay, another prescription.

Today, we were back in. You’ll have to read my next post to hear why. (I hope you have a strong stomach!) I can’t shake the thought that you should be given a pediatric punch card or something. Frequent visitor miles? An award for most doctored? The tenth visit is free?

Insult to injury, at the end of today’s visit, the doctor pointed out my baby would be back in the office next week for his 15 month check up. Sigh.

Though we hate paying for it, thank God for insurance!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kara
    Apr 08, 2011 @ 05:00:30

    On average, we have around 7 appointments a week. Between Lucas’ oncology, psychology, immunology and physical therapy appointments, Samantha’s asthma and TB appointments, and Abby’s cardiology, allergy, gastroenterolgy and regular pediatrician appointments, I actually had to quit my job just to keep up with them all. It’s insane. Oh, and week before last even Connall got in on the act – he had to have his kindergarten physical and shots in 2 seperate appointments. 😦


    • areyoudreaming
      Apr 08, 2011 @ 05:07:56

      I should count my blessings, and I do! You are doing a good job being a loving mom to those kids while playing taxi cab driver to the many doctors appointments! God bless your family.


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