Dichotomy of a Preschooler

I’m proud. And stuffed full of ice cream. We’ll get to that in a second.
In church tonight, my five year old son was being his usual self in church- floundering around like a fish out of water. Pretty much doing everything except paying attention and praying. He had done something particularly offensive tonight, so I reached down and lightly tugged at his ear. He shot me a nasty look, stood up and then pinched me. He wasn’t going to take it. So, as you might expect, I took him out of church and set his tail in time out.
After church, he said he needed to speak to our priest. I asked him why and he looked at me- reached into his pocket and pulled out his savings- about $12, secured in a Ziplock baggie. He said “I’m going to give this money to Father so he can give it to people who need it, who don’t have any money.” And that’s exactly what he did.
Amazing how he can go from pinching me out of anger, to selflessly giving all of his hard earned money to complete strangers, all within a few minutes time.
Our priest said we should reward him. He had himself a nice bowl of chocolate ice cream with gummy bears on top. Complete satisfaction for a job well done. I’m so proud! Oh, and even mom got some ice cream…


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