Hey, Mom! I want a….

A couple of weeks ago, the comic strip “Baby Blues” had a scene where the mom told the kids they were no longer allowed to start a sentence with “Mom!” The kids were speechless. Mine aren’t. If its not “Mom!” it’s “I want.” (Which, by the way, was the topic of yet another “Baby Blues” comic.) And, if it’s not “I want” it’s… well, yeah, it’s back to “Mom!” Just to give you a better idea of what this sounds like in my home, hold your nose to recreate the whining sound of a small child, and then say mahhh-umm.

With Christmas around the corner, “Mom!” and “I want” are pretty much the only things I hear these days. Relying on Santa to inspire good behavior in your children only gets you so far. A complete and utter media and consumer blackout may be the only way to survive until Christmas day. You turn on the TV, and you’re blasted with ads for this, that and the other thing. Try popping into the grocery store for eggs and getting through the checkout line without your kids seeing the stack of Pillow Pets and the plethora of other overpriced gifts. Before you know what hit you, it’s a full-out assault of “Mom, I want…”

“Mom! I want a pillow pet!”

“Mom! I want a Zsu Zsu pet!”

“Mom! I want that DVD!”

You name it, they want it. Better yet, don’t name it. I’ve found gum to be a good distraction. They fiddle with the package, they open it, they chew it, they try to blow bubbles. All the while, they’re distracted and, bonus!, they’re mouths are too full for “Mom! I want.”

Only two of my children are old enough to talk. By next year, my baby boy will be babbling on and on about who knows what. The latest must-have toy, I’m sure.

What’s your solution to “Mom! I want…” ?


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  1. Cora's Blog
    Dec 09, 2010 @ 18:11:27

    LOL… Well, I hate to tell you this, but that never stops. Older kids just want more expensive stuff. 🙂 Don’t we all though?

    My solution was always to say, “well, mommy wants a new red shiny Porsche, but you don’t see that happening do you!” so my kids now are bent on trying to buy me a new Porsche!!! lol got to love them.


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