Birthday Blues

My oldest son turned five yesterday. His birthday party was Sunday. It was insane. The amount of children and bewildered parents was just crazy. Long before a drop of sugar even entered their mouths, the kids were already running wild. Then, we gave them cake.
As we sang Happy Birthday to our boy, we brought the cake to the table, the candle perched atop his Spiderman cake. It was the classic Kodak moment- my son ready to blow out his candles. However, that’s not what went down. My God son, who was sitting on the other side of my son, and on the other side of the cake, had another idea. Mind you, he’s three. Just as we sang the final words of the song- the other little boy leaned in and, you guessed it, blew out the candle. My son turned to me with the most defeated look on his face. Poor kid! So, what did we do? A new round of the tune began, the candle was relit and we sang again. And yes, we did get it all on camera. All but the part when my son actually blew out his candle. (Thanks to my husband’s boss calling and interrupting the video on his iPhone..) Regardless, I’m thinking this could be a contender on America’s Funniest Home videos. And, no one got kicked in the junk. That’s a nice change of pace…


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