Thank the Lord for preschool

When summer ended and my eight year old went back to school, I was all of a sudden faced with the realization that I have a four year old to contend with… all… day… long. The seven month old baby is one thing, he naps. The four year old is a constant entertainment suck. He wants me to keep him busy and happy all day long. I was about at my wits end, scheduling playdates, practicing the alphabet and the such when preschool started. It’s only from nine to noon three days a week, but I’ve begun to welcome back my sanity! And the changes are obvious, in myself and my son.. At dinner last night, he was misbehaving.
I said “I hope you don’t behave this way at preschool!”
“Oh, I don’t. You should get a sign that says ‘all eyes on me.” Oh, and line us up! That works at school!”
Structure. They crave that structure…
For the short time I have while the baby naps and the kids are at school, I’m going to sip my coffee and count my blessings. Isn’t it amazing what we have to be thankful for?


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