Peeing in public

While trying to put together a photo album, I realized how many photos I have of my four-year old peeing. It’s never been an indoor shot. The boy seems to think of the Great Outdoors as his own giant urinal. Every family vacation he pees on a tree or something. He’s even peed in Denali National Park. How many people can say that?
Some parents might discourage that. Maybe even feign shock when they see their son whip it out and let it go. But, you know what? It’s a hell of a lot easier than finding a public toilet. And about public toilets… I think my children have an ongoing quest to see every toilet in the universe. It doesn’t matter if I ask them 40 times before we leave the house, they instantly have to pee once we are in public. Once, my children even had to use the restroom at a complete stranger’s house at a garage sale! Thankfully, there are some really nice and understanding people out there. And, once is never enough. When my kids set out on a “lets see how many restrooms we can examine” expedition… there’s really no stopping it. If you don’t let them go, the consequences can be quite severe. Yes, a four year old will pee his pants out of spite. So, in the long run, is it really that bad if the boy pees outside at a few National parks? Hopefully the public peeing phase will end before his teen years…


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