The things we tell our kids

“Scooping the poop out of the cat box is like panning for gold.” That’s the lie I told my daughter the other day, in attempt to get her to take care of her grandmother’s cats, while she’s away on a trip. As soon as I said it, I knew I wouldn’t be able to back it up. Come on. You’re sifting through sand, in search of dukie. Not quite combing the desert for lost treasure and it sure isn’t panning for gold! So, why did I say this to her? I needed her to do something that needed to be done and I just couldn’t think of a more creative way to do it or say it.

Why do we say the things we do to our kids? Why is it that we concoct absurd stories to get around the truth? Last night, in church, I saw a flash of lightning. And, of course, I knew what would come next. When the sound of that crashing thunder came, I was already staring into the eyes of my two older children. My eight year old daughter instantly shot me a terrified look. Our dare-devil four-year old son looked up too. They were both concerned and asked what it was. I told them not to worry and that it was just a rainstorm. Although it rains here, we hardly ever get storms like that. I searched my brain for some sort of story I could quickly tell them. The angels are dancing? No, that wouldn’t fly. So, this time, my story fell short. I didn’t have something made up to try to ease the situation. I stuck with the truth. And, it wasn’t that bad.

Besides the needed “mommy and daddy are just wrestling with our clothes off,” what other excuses/lies/stories do we tell our kids?


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