All things that glitter are… ANNOYING!

Wednesday night, I attended my best friend’s baby shower. I brought along my seven month old son. Her four-year old daughter wore a pretty princess dress with all sorts of silver glitter sparkling it up. There was glitter shedding everywhere, much to her delight. She was picking up what she could and sprinkling it on everything and everyone. She, of course, sprinkled it on my son’s head. And there it remains…. three days later!
Gave him a bath… didn’t work.

Brushed it off… didn’t work.

Tried smoothing it off with a towel and that didn’t work either.

A person at the store last night mistook him for a girl! Suggestions??

That brings me to a topic I’ve been meaning to post: the world’s most hated (by parents) gift list. You know, top ten style. What toys should have never been invented? Which ones do you cringe when your child opens them up at their birthday party? It’s often the gift they’re the happiest about and the one you try to throw away or destroy when they are not looking? Glitter is definitely on my top ten list. How about you?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jake
    Dec 21, 2013 @ 20:05:21

    did you ever try using shampoo (for kids) to get the glitter out that always works


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