Kids do the darndest things….

An early morning trip to the neighborhood park seemed like a fun, spontaneous thing to do after dropping my oldest one off at school.  My four-year old really wanted to go, so in attempt to be the cool mom, I did it. Yeah… I didn’t fully think that through.

We get to the park and the baby is still asleep, so my four-year old convinces me to go on the slide with him. Here I am thinking he wants to spend time with his mommy. Little did I know what he really had in mind. You see, as any experienced mom can tell you, a morning visit to the park is a bad idea. And my boy knew exactly what he was doing. He asks me to slide with him. I climb up the playground equipment and get to the top of the slide. I sit down, or rather, flop, ungracefully, down. He comes and sits on my lap and we begin to slide, at molasses speed, down. When we finally reach the bottom, I realize why he asked me to slide with him. “My butt is wet,” I say. “Yeah, I know. The slide is wet from the rain,” he responds. Thanks son.

Ah, gotta love him.


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