Jenny McCarthy speaks the truth

Have you ever read any of Jenny McCarthy’s books? She used to seem so obnoxious to me, in that “she’ll always be hot, even while she picks her nose” kind of way. Now, I feel like I can somehow relate. (And no, it’s not the hot chic or nose picking part.) The first of her books I read was Life Laughs. She wrote it after getting a divorce. It was about life with her son and some embarrassing moments leading up to where she is today. It was funny. I’ve passed that book around to every girlfriend who needs a laugh, even the ones I thought might be offended by its content. The thing that gets me about Ms. McCarthy, is that she speaks the truth. She doesn’t try to sugar coat what being a mom is all about. She talks about everything from not wanting to have sex after the baby is born… to the first poop after delivery. (Both mom and baby.) She even talks about needing  to make ends meet. Although, I feel her troubles aren’t probably those of the average American housewife in that regard.

Jenny McCarthy seems to have it all figured out. She’s got her priorities straight. She’s putting her family first. And, she’s successful!

I’m not one of those moms who has it all figured out. If that’s what you’re looking for in Mom Land, keep looking. My goal here is to give it to you straight. Whether you’re a mom whose son just ran into the church screaming with delight “Mom! I pooped on the potty!” (Yes that’s happened.) and you’re looking for a way  to laugh  at life’s moments or you’re not a mom and just want to read some horror stories, you’ve found the right place. Just don’t expect the sugar-coating. Gotta run now, my kids just pushed something down the stairs. Lets hope it wasn’t a living thing!


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