For Sale: Wine stained bassinet

When trying to survive off of one income, people tend to do what they can to make ends meet. For us, that means selling a few things we don’t need. We’ve had the same Winnie The Pooh bassinet since our eight-year old was born. We’re not using, so why not sell it? Here’s why: it’s stained with red wine. Now I know what you’re thinking.  No, we’re not boozers. Our baby wasn’t even in the bassinet at the time of the incident. It was when our now four-year old was an infant. He’d grown out of it, but we hadn’t put it away yet. So, in the spirit of all good things that sit out, we stacked crap on it. It was a little too close to the table one day… the day we were having a nice glass of wine. And yes, we were only on the first glass when the bottle toppled over. How do you get that kind of stain out of something you can’t take apart? While trying to post the ad on Craigslist, I became “that” woman. The one trying to sell a bassinet covered in wine! And it’s red wine! It looks like a massacre took place in the thing! Oh, and did I mention the other thing we’re trying to sell is an Amby baby bed? You know, the ones that were recalled because babies died in them… (Don’t freak, I’ve got the repair kit parts installed.)

Anyway, I have a feeling these things won’t be moving very quickly on Craigslist…

So, stay at home folks… what do you do to make ends meet? Sell a kidney? Turn tricks? Rent rooms to homicidal maniacs? You name it. I want to know. What’s a good way to make a buck with kids in tow?


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