Claire Huxtable knows best

Claire Huxtable could fix anything. She was Wonder Mom. She was a successful lawyer, a great mom AND she put up with Dr. Huxtable’s crazy antics. When you grow up watching The Cosby Show, you have certain expectations of what life will be like as a mom. The kids listen. Did you ever see one of the Cosby kids back talk? Hell no! I have a feeling Dr. Huxtable would have none of that! Jeez, Theo brought home a joint and they just had a talk. That’s it. He was so upset his folks thought it was his, he punished himself by picking a fight with the kid who owned the joint. I can’t even get my son to put his clothes in the hamper!

How do we turn these expectations, these Hollywood fantasies, into reality? How do I get the house clean, the kids fed and look as good as Mrs. Huxtable in the process?

The baby woke up at 6:45 this morning. In a daze, I fed him breakfast and tried to put him back to bed. No cigar! He was up. Then, his older brother was up. Two hours later, after making a grilled cheese for the four-year old, starting a load of laundry and doing some of the dishes, the baby went down for a nap, just in time for the eight-year old to wake up. Made her breakfast, ran downstairs to get some things done and what do you know? The dog who refuses to go outside in the rain, has pooped on the stairs. (Note I say stairs and not stair. She was sure to get as many as she could.) It’s only 10 am. What would Mrs. Huxtable do?


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